NVIDIA Partnership

SFL Scientific is the NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner of the Year for delivering AI consulting and development services.

Accelerating AI Solutions

NVIDIA and SFL Scientific work together to add strategic services for AI solution enablement and development and have created opportunities for many joint clients to innovate. SFL Scientific is a two-time Service Delivery Partner of the Year for the Americas and the award is a testament to SFL Scientific’s ability to lead clients and partners along their journey toward becoming AI-driven enterprises. As Partners, we support NVIDIA DGX & GPU systems and provide an integrated approach to data science, allowing organizations to easily seek expert help and operationalize their projects.

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Transforming Medicine: Workshops to clinical AI-based diagnostic tools

From medical imaging analysis, advanced NLP tools for EMR, to tackling personalized medicine and drug discovery, we leverage NVIDIA’s platforms to help develop effective tools, services, and products that meet clinical standards and augment R&D capabilities.

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Deep Learning for Radiology & Diagnostic Pipelines

We create novel AI tools to detect diseases, anomalies, and temporal changes in any medical imaging or video modality to accelerate diagnosis and inform better treatments. We worked with NVIDIA Inception Startup InformAI from annotation to deployment of a deep learning-based diagnostic-assist tool for 3D CT for 20 sinus conditions.

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Industrial & Manufacturing Inspection

From semiconductor quality control to nuclear power plants, we work with the largest industrial organizations to identify, accelerate, and automate QA/QC and maintenance processes well beyond what is commercially available. Working with data from drones, microscopes, satellite imaging, and other devices—we enable high-throughput systems to monitor and detect in real-time.

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Natural Language Processing Pipelines

Our data science consultants develop novel and pre-trained traditional & neural network NLP solutions, such as BERT and other language models on NVIDIA GPUs. These custom systems can classify, extract, summarize, and retrieve diverse sets of unstructured text, documents, records, social, & other text or audio data to make it searchable and consumable.

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NVIDIA and SFL Scientific have worked together to add strategic services in solution development and enablement, as well as created opportunities for our clients to innovate. The NPN selected SFL Scientific for its AI consulting and development services, helping clients and partners develop new AI tools, products, and solutions utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPUs to help accelerate and solve complex business challenges.Craig Weinstein, Vice President of the Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA

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