We partner with Modzy as part of our software stock to accelerate data science and AI in deployment and improve MLOps capabilities in key situations.

Modzy® is the ModelOps platform to run, use, and manage Artificial Intelligence models at scale. Modzy helps government and public sector customers rapidly deploy models and easily integrate AI capability into mission critical systems and applications. In the cloud, on-prem, SaaS, or at the edge, Modzy enables cross-team collaboration, management, and governance of AI. Leveraging embedded security, adversarial defense, and explainability for model predictions, customers reap the value of AI at enterprise scale. Modzy’s Marketplace also offers ready-to-deploy, pre-trained and re-trainable AI models from leading machine learning companies. Modzy accelerates the deployment of trustworthy AI, increases transparency, and lowers the barriers to adopting and scaling AI.

Areas of Expertise

  • Model Deployment
  • Data Governance
  • Model Scaling

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