AI Services on Microsoft Azure

We partner with Microsoft to develop cloud and AI solutions to help enterprises manage infrastructure, applications, and deploy intelligent services. 

Transforming business with artificial intelligence

Microsoft and SFL Scientific partner to make innovation faster and more accessible for organizations. By leveraging Azure flexible tools, APIs, custom machine learning, and the power of the cloud, businesses can advance toward their future powered by digital & AI technology.

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Applying AI: Technical Expertise

Cloud Services

Our team develops a roadmap that helps manage complex systems, supporting the intelligent cloud lifecycle

AI/Machine Learning

We help clients understand, expand, and optimize Azure ML and custom AI solutions

Deep Learning

Developing custom natural language processing, image detection, and predictive tools

Azure DevOps

Modernizing data platforms to support AI/ML via microservices and frameworks

DataOps & MLOps

Developing containers, data lakes, Databricks, Cosmos DB, SQL DW, and visualizations to scale AI solutions


Enabling edge compute & analytics through hardware integration and Azure Stack Edge services

Trusted as an AI partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and recognized in the AI Inner Circle Program, Microsoft recognizes SFL Scientific to provide custom services and enhanced AI product solutions utilizing best in class technologies. We offer advisory services that assess our client’s current state, find opportunities for significant capability advances, and create successful long-term plans to achieve operational, customer, and business improvements.

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AI Pipeline for Financial Document Analysis

Working with a global financial services company that provides insurance, title, and legal services in real estate, SFL Scientific defined a technology roadmap and developed a modern data science platform to ingest and process millions of documents per year. The NLP engine can classify and extract hundreds of fields across document types, digesting structured and unstructured text to monitor transactions and inform critical business decisions. Built on Azure, the architecture combines the benefits of Azure Data Lake, Databricks, BatchAI, and Analytics for advanced monitoring, security, and compliance requirements.

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Inspection & Predictive Maintenance

AI/ML can transform the maintenance and QA/QC process combining temporal & sensor findings with machine vision. SFL Scientific worked with an electrical & optical equipment company to improve quality control by automating the identification of defects in their semiconductor manufacturing process. The deep learning-based diagnostic tool localizes dozens of defects from deposition to mechanical damage, in real-time to reduce defective product circulation, identify errors in fabrication, and automate quality control.

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With decades of AI experience working in every industry, we’ve gained the necessary insight and expertise to support and overcome technical and implementation challenges.

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