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Solving complex business challenges with AI on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Accelerating AI Solutions via Cloud

Our team has vast experience helping clients effectively utilize AWS to enable machine learning, store data, migrate workflows, and optimize production transitions between the cloud and on-premises environments. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Professional Services provider, our team is recognized for expertise in developing practical and novel AI solutions using the full suite of available technology.

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Building on AWS

Together SFL Scientific and AWS help companies navigate and innovate in a rapidly changing technological environment, prototyping quickly to deploy services and solutions into production. We’ve developed a collaborative process to address the real-time needs of all stakeholders across IT, operations, business, and R&D–whether expanding AWS infrastructure, analytics, machine learning, or novel data workloads, we develop modern platforms to support business operations.

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Our Expertise

No two client systems are alike. We specialize in finding the right turnkey or custom solution by defining technical roadmaps, data engineering, and Artificial Intelligence.

Use Case Strategy

Defining a holistic strategy to integrate and capitalize on data, cloud, & AI.

Modeling & Analytics

Generating insights from text, image, sensor, operational, customer, and patient data—optimizing pre-built libraries and custom algorithms.

AI Research

Providing expertise across the AI lifecycle with end-to-end solutions that accelerate AI adoption.


Developing enterprise services to utilize best MLOps & DevOps practices & custom serverless, database, and graph specifications to support workloads.

Data Platforms

Building new, cloud or hybrid digital and data pipelines to support ingestion, processing, and real-time analytics.


Services that operationalize production deployments, monitoring, and ensure validation of AI in the organization.

NLP for Legal Documents

We enable our clients to meet their objectives through innovative, secure, and scalable cloud & AI solutions. SFL Scientific worked with LinkSquares to develop custom NLP algorithms in conjunction with supervised learning to extract key terms from legal documents for LinkSquares’ AI-Powered Contract Analysis leveraging the AWS cloud.

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Deep Learning for Satellite Image Analysis

The extraction of meaningful information from 2D and 3D images is critical to the real-time objectives for many organizations–from the terrain, vegetation, cars, roads, and other structures. Our work with agencies at the Department of Defense created a state-of-the-art system to detect and localize critical features in satellite images, targeting the automatic detection and change of structures in regions of interest. Scaling infrastructure for a mission environment, we developed and deployed the AWS-based system to meet intelligence requirements.

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SFL Scientific is a top-flight consulting partner for clients who need help with advanced data science/AI strategy or execution problems. I know I can trust SFL to quickly understand the customer’s problem or opportunity and to propose and deliver a cost-effective solution that doesn’t just satisfy my client, but thrills them.Rishi Arora, ML & AI Specialist Leader, Amazon Web Services

Preventative Maintenance Optimization in Life Sciences

Successful innovation in difficult times separates the leading organizations and shines a magnifier on essential services and tools. SFL Scientific worked with a global diagnostics and analytical instruments corporation, operating in over 140 countries, to optimize preventative maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime of hundreds of thousands of critical systems to minimize in-field instrument downtime and optimize service scheduling.

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Professional Sports Win Probability

We work with CBS Interactive in the development of a real-time system to predict play by play action and scores for the NFL, NHL, and NBA. The machine learning simulation system predicts the win probability before, during a live game, various team or player statistics, and the final score by inferencing thousands of historical and live data points. The platform was developed to leverage Kafka, AWS Kinesis, and other AI and AWS services to launch live for national consumption through the Sports Stats Lab and other digital and fantasy offerings.

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Discover our Approach

We see organizations struggle to realize the full value of their AI initiatives with failed pilots and a lack of structure to support scaling.

Working with AWS to secure funding and technical support, we provide solutions that help organizations solve their data challenges, enable machine learning and data science workflows, and offer SaaS-based capabilities that enhance end applications by augmenting capabilities with intelligence.

With a technology-agnostic approach, we have a long track record of delivering quickly and easily to evaluate, deploy, embed, and manage the best AI solutions for each business use case.

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Organizations are facing a key turning point in AI adoption. We can help reach new heights by improving efficiency, analyzing behavior, reducing costs, and creating next-gen AI tools.

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