Time-Series/Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analysis/Time-Series

Predictive Analytics allows companies to use machine learning to solve problems critical to business operations, powerful insights into customer behavior, and utilizing historical data to predict future outcomes.
Predictive Analysis/Time-Series


The goal of time series modeling is to both extract understanding and predict future outcomes. SFL Scientific's Ph.D. data scientists, build custom time series models that cater to your individual companies' data and desired outcomes that outperform any out of the box solution.

Our Approach

Our clients seek scalable, automated processes supported by validated, custom AI and analytics to improve human decision making and reduce manual labor, often in critical and regulated environments.

With advances in digital data sources, cloud, infrastructure, and data distribution, by applying our data science approach, we deliver enhanced risk identification, solution integration, and a full assessment to develop a comprehensive roadmap and a successful technical strategy.

01 Functional and business specifications requirements mapped to technology.
02 Training dataset assembly, quality, and pre-processing pipelines.
03 Pilots to assess performance and future model accuracy.
04 Model augmentation, tuning, and validation in real-world environments.
05 Integration and scaling to production for end-user consumption.

Our Custom Strategy

Churn Prediction

Predict customer churn and take actions to retain customers.

Recommendation System

Leverage machine learning to customize recommendations to each of your customers.

Customer Segmentation

Achieve more in-depth customer insights and improve customer marketing.

Lifetime Value Optimization

Leverage CRM data to optimize customer lifetime value.

Dynamic Pricing

Optimize your pricing strategies to stay competitive and reduce revenue leaks.

Demand Forecasting

Determine your business needs faster and more accurately.

Hear From Our Partners

SFL Scientific is a top-flight consulting partner for clients who need help with advanced data science/AI strategy or execution problems. I know I can trust SFL to quickly understand the customer's problem and opportunity, propose, and deliver a cost-effective solution that doesn't just satisfy my client, but thrills them.

Rishi Arora, ML & AI Specialist Leader, Amazon Web Services

NVIDIA selected SFL Scientific for its AI consulting and development services, helping clients and partners develop new AI tools, products, and solutions utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPUs to help accelerate and solve complex business challenges. The award is a testament to SFL Scientific’s ability to lead clients and partners along their journey toward becoming AI-driven enterprises.

Craig Weinstein, Vice-President, America’s Partner Organization, NVIDIA

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