Visual Anomaly and Object Detection

From labeling, training dataset assessment, and image processing, to custom deep learning pipelines, SFL Scientific develops computer vision tools for medical imaging, industrial inspection, anomaly detection, and automation solutions across industries.


Computer vision allows the identification and tracking of key features in images, 3D objects (LIDAR, MRI), or video, with human accuracy at greater speed and efficiency. With deep and broad experience in this sector, SFL Scientific helps organizations develop computer vision solutions that automate image analysis, classification, segmentation, and the tracking of desired objects to improve operations and launch new services.

We help radiologists and pathologists detect disease, security personnel analyze threats, insurers examine satellite images, manufacturers identify defects and anomalies, industrials leverage drones for inspection, and so much more. Our team has experience in any imaging or video modality by leveraging GPUs and building state of the art neural networks.


Computer Vision Solutions

We build custom solutions using state of the art deep learning and artificial intelligence. From Healthcare and life sciences to the public sector we have built and deployed computer vision (CV) solutions across the spectrum.

Detection Pipelines for Medical Imaging

From automating clinical and research diagnostics to improving processing speed and image quality, we help healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical organizations harness AI for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Our work includes analyzing thousands of 3D CTs for InformAI to develop a clinical AI-based diagnostic system targeting over 20 paranasal sinuses indications. Learn More

Industrial Inspection using Drones
Satellite Image Analysis for Defense

Our work with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency was to create a state-of-the-art system to detect critical features in satellite images, targeting the automatic detection of buildings and structures in regions of interest, dense cities, and other locations. Deployable via AWS, the system is capable of recognizing or tracking changes in trucks, cars, trains, roads, storage containers, and other desired objects. Learn More

Threat Detection with 3D CT Image Analysis

We developed next-generation security solutions to examine cargo and luggage for threat identification and review for the TSA and DHS. The new AI solutions produce classification and segmentation via deep learning to detect various common & uncommon objects including potential sub-components. Public Sector

Our Approach

Our clients seek scalable, automated processes supported by validated, custom AI and analytics to improve human decision making and reduce manual labor, often in critical and regulated environments. SFL Scientific accelerates the development of these novel tools by combining expert image analysis and state of the art deep learning, finding the optimal set of computer vision algorithms for each initiative.

With advances in digital data sources, cloud, infrastructure, and data distribution, by applying our data science approach, we deliver enhanced risk identification, solution integration, and a full assessment to develop a comprehensive roadmap and a successful technical strategy.

01 Functional and business specifications requirements mapped to technology.
02 Training dataset assembly, quality, and pre-processing pipelines.
03 Pilots to assess performance and future model accuracy.
04 Model augmentation, tuning, and validation in real-world environments.
05 Integration and scaling to production for end-user consumption.

Hear From Our Partners & Clients

SFL Scientific is a top-flight consulting partner for clients who need help with advanced data science/AI strategy or execution problems. I know I can trust SFL to quickly understand the customer's problem and opportunity, propose, and deliver a cost-effective solution that doesn't just satisfy my client, but thrills them.

Rishi Arora, ML & AI Specialist Leader, Amazon Web Services

NVIDIA selected SFL Scientific for its AI consulting and development services, helping clients and partners develop new AI tools, products, and solutions utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPUs to help accelerate and solve complex business challenges. The award is a testament to SFL Scientific’s ability to lead clients and partners along their journey toward becoming AI-driven enterprises.

Craig Weinstein, Vice-President, America’s Partner Organization, NVIDIA

On developing novel artificial intelligence solutions for defense applications: “SFL Scientific is a reliable partner who brings great minds to the hard problem sets, delivering on custom and state of the art Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Todd Borkey, Chief Technology Officer, Alion Science & Technology

The ability to couple large medical imaging datasets from our leading healthcare partners with the exceptional computational performance of the NVIDIA V100 GPUs and novel deep learning model development from SFL Scientific have been critical in building our portfolio of AI image classifier applications.

Jim Havelka, Founder & CEO InformAI

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