Solving Challenges to Deploy & Scale AI

In times of uncertainty, data is the most valuable asset. We help clients gain insights and identify, create, and launch AI products, tools, or solutions that drive business.
Data Science & AI


Organizations face unique operational and R&D challenges that require a range of capabilities. SFL Scientific has helped hundreds of organizations by applying deep learning to develop novel solutions automating processes, augment decision-making, extract meaningful information, and predict complex outcomes. Our team helps you to capture data, explain, predict, and take action across the organization.


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End to End Capabilities

AI can automate tasks and improve productivity & performance, allow for real-time monitoring, and drive business value. We build systems that sift through tera– and petabytes of data (e.g. images, text, behavior, patterns) for unbiased examination to automate, augment, and inform human decision making. Data science & artificial intelligence consulting is everything we do.

Our Approach

Our mission is to empower organizations to accelerate AI adoption, educate teams on emerging technology, and augment existing technical capabilities. We bring a comprehensive strategy process, R&D expertise, scientific rigor, and deep knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques to develop custom ML/AI solutions.

Our team of Ph.D. data scientists, AI engineers, technical consultants, & cloud experts bring experience and domain knowledge across twenty industry sectors, working with a globally connected network of technology partners to bring world-class capabilities to every client.

01 US-based team to support AI strategy roadmap development.
02 R&D-led to explore and develop data, architecture, and AI solutions.
03 Comprehensive use case prototyping across data science modalities.
04 Production & MLOps expertise to integrate & scale pilot solutions.
05 Managed services to validate, refine, support, and help extend capability.

Deep Learning

As a professional services firm, we are committed to executing the best possible technical solutions for the data and project. We help you establish strong practices that set the stage for AI or automation solutions by assessing data value, capture, storage, and governance requirements.

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SFL Scientific works to:

  • Establish enterprise data management practices, working on all clouds and on-premise environments.
  • De-risk uncertainty by examining datasets & metadata, looking at integrity, quantity, & quality to inform use case specific modeling.
  • Conduct data pre-processing, augmentation, and a comprehensive exploratory data analysis (EDA) to determine optimal routes.
  • Understand the potential accuracy and robustness based on training data
  • Develop & inform best data engineering standards and scalability of future AI solutions

We Enable

Operational Improvements

Identify trends, forecast, monitor devices and resources, or automate low-level tasks.

New Capabilities

Implement deep learning pipelines for diagnostic imaging, BERT-based text processing, or IoT initiatives.

Anomaly Identification

Minimize downtime, improve fraud detection, diagnose diseases, predict future failure states, and prevent malicious behavior.

Customer Insights

From KYC data collection, better customer targeting/conversions, to real-time patient analytics that improve outcomes.

Intelligent Products

Embed-AI in products and services to detect features, improve data collection, performance, or accuracy.

Accelerating Automation

Entity recognition and extraction, provider-payer billing, eliminating manual reviews.

Enhance every aspect of operations and R&D initiatives. Together let’s see how Artificial Intelligence can help your organization.

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