SFL Scientific Announces the Opening of a New Data Science Consulting Office in Boston

BOSTON, MA – March 18, 2019 – SFL Scientific, a data science consulting firm, announced the opening of a new office in Boston, MA, USA. This new location strengthens the SFL Scientific data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting team and offers a single location for dedicated services including business development and support in the New England region.

The new office is located in close proximity to some of the world’s leading high-tech companies, institutions, and universities. The location will provide SFL Scientific with further access to a large pool of consultants, engineers, and researchers, excited about applying machine learning and emerging technology towards solving complex business problems. “We believe strongly in fielding teams with complementary skills and deep expertise that use a holistic approach to data science,” says CEO, Michael Segala, “and we always seek to learn from the AI community, our clients, and our employees. Our client growth in 2018 was a result of our expertise in the AI space and delivering a competitive advantage with custom solutions – adding a new location in Boston will help us magnify our efforts and continue to transform organizations.”

The benefits of AI are being realized by organizations worldwide and it is a broad category that includes computer vision, natural language processing, time-series/IoT, and the automation of business processes, manufacturing, and supply chain systems. As leaders continue to invest in new technology and begin to recognize the value of creating a long-term AI business strategy, SFL Scientific is poised to turn small investments in analytics to comprehensive machine learning driven decision systems.

This office expansion also positions SFL Scientific to further its consulting partner relationships with hardware and cloud providers, such as NVIDIA’s GPU division, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. “The decision to expand in Boston emphasizes our growth strategy and constant investment into our consulting teams and partner network,” said Alexander Tolpygo, COO. “Some of the most sophisticated firms and technology markets are in this region and it’s critical to engage both clients and partners as efficiently and effectively as possible”.

As a professional services firm dedicated to building custom, data-driven solutions, SFL Scientific specializes in solving tough problems with data engineering, data science, and machine learning. SFL Scientific works with leading companies across twenty different industries, providing strategy, prototyping, and deploying managed AI solutions by leveraging best practices in the machine learning technology market. With a globally connected network of technology partners, SFL Scientific brings world-class capabilities, delivering professional services and insights to address the most complex business challenges. SFL Scientific helps organizations to develop new products, solve R&D or complex problems, lower operating costs, and set the stage for their AI driven future.

For more information, please visit www.sflscientific.com and connect with SFL Scientific on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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