William T Blake


  • AWS
  • Data Engineering
  • Model Deployment


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Chef/Puppet/Ansible
  • Dask
  • Docker
  • Flask
  • Kubernetes
  • Apache Services
  • Microsoft Azure

Timothy Blake

Data Engineering Manager

William T Blake

about Tim

Timothy Blake is the Head of Data Engineering at SFL Scientific. He is a strong advocate for DevSecOps and MLOps technology and is a subject matter expert for developing cloud and on-prem IT solutions. After graduating with his Juris Doctorate degree, Tim spent six years developing and integrating network security systems for state and federal agencies and holds several patents. Through this work, Tim developed expertise in engineering and managing a national network of databases and production applications for high-throughput and sensitive information. Since joining SFL Scientific, Tim has provided clients with reliable and scalable architecture solutions and engineering expertise across cloud, CI/CD, HPC, and AI systems.

Tim serves as a lead data engineer and architect on Fortune 100 initiatives utilizing various IaaS providers and services to provide highly available and scalable data science platforms. He is an AWS & Microsoft Azure certified cloud architect with experience with distributed processing, NVIDIA SDKs and frameworks for GPU acceleration, and multiple database platforms (RDBMS, NoSQL, MPP, graph). Tim leads teams to develop scalable big data systems with the use of analytical and automation tools for a variety of client challenges spread across verticals of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, electronics, defense, and insurance.