Ryan Murphy Data Scientist SFL Scientific

Ryan Murphy, PhD

Data Scientist

Ryan Murphy Data Scientist SFL Scientific

about Ryan

Ryan Murphy, Ph.D., is a data scientist at SFL Scientific, working to advance data science research and development initiatives at major international organizations. He earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from Purdue University, where his dissertation focused on the practical application and theoretical development of deep learning methods for graph and set data, which find increasing importance in areas such as drug discovery, including molecular property prediction, EMR and patient analysis, financial record processing, KYC, and anomaly detection applications.

Ryan specializes in working alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds on statistical and deep learning projects, graph neural network and database development and utilization, and bringing experience in consulting and data science roles across healthcare, policy, and technical R&D more broadly. As part of the SFL Scientific AI Consulting Group, Ryan works with clients to lead the development and implementation of novel computational methods, state-of-the-art algorithms, and launch best-in-class compute resources and infrastructure.