Michael Segala


  • Computer Vision
  • Data Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrials
  • Model Deployment
  • Pharmaceuticals & BioTech
  • Predictive Analysis/Time-Series
  • Private Equity
  • Public Sector

Michael Segala, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Segala

about Michael

Dr. Michael Segala is a Ph.D. Physicist and the CEO of SFL Scientific, a US-based data science consulting firm specializing in developing production-grade machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions across industries. Michael leads SFL Scientific in its mission of delivering state-of-the-art algorithms to enhance research capabilities and drive operational excellence to their clients. In his role as CEO, Michael sets the strategic direction of the company, promotes SFL Scientific’s technology-agnostic and client-first culture, and focuses on ensuring sustainable growth in driving best in class artificial intelligence expertise.

Michael is a broadly experienced technology executive with a proven track record of driving enterprise-wide transformation through focused management and technology execution, often in challenging and highly competitive market segments. He has years of experience leading projects that apply data science and mathematical modeling to solve complex problems. For his doctoral thesis, he worked as part of the CERN team that discovered the Higgs Boson in 2013, which ultimately led to the Nobel Prize in Physics. After graduating from Brown University, he worked as a data science consultant at Tessella Inc. and a principal data scientist at Compete Inc. and Akamai Technologies.

He specializes in solving complex problems including developing AI for diagnostic tools, natural language processing, imaging-based object and anomaly detection for inspection, and advancing AI research in clinical healthcare and life sciences. He is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s strategy, team, and operations across SFL Scientific’s global network of engagements and initiatives. He specializes in working with corporate transformations involving data strategy, growth, automation & cost reduction, performance improvement, and organizational effectiveness. In addition to his client leadership role, Michael leads SFL Scientific’s effort to engage industry-leading partners such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Cisco where he works with leading CTOs, CIOs, and R&D executives to establish best-practices for implementing and accelerating value from AI solutions.