Mark Cleverley

Business Development Associate


about Mark

Mark Cleverley is a data scientist and business strategist at SFL Scientific. Mark has significant expertise in deep learning and statistical analysis, and has worked with multiple clients to generate call-targeting AI software and oversee AWS-based pipeline maintenance. As part of the Business Development team, Mark specializes in writing technical whitepapers to communicate the theory, execution and impact of SFL Scientific projects across the industrial, defense and healthcare spaces.

After a degree in Statistical Economics and Political Science from New York University, he progressed through the Flatiron School’s postgraduate data science program working in areas of computational data science including topics in computational analysis, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian statistical tools, high performance computation, and emerging AI techniques. Prior to joining SFL Scientific, Mark worked as a data science instructor with Trilogy Education, partnered with the high-frequency-trading firm Intelletic to backtest Temporal Memory binary neural networks and build AI-based cryptocurrency trading algorithms. He is particularly focused on graph networks and neuromorphic sparse AI architectures.