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James Segala, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Jim Segala

about James

Dr. Jim Segala holds a Ph.D. in Physics as well as advanced degrees in engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in designing and building complex experimental systems. For over nine years, Jim was an active researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, where he performed experiments in the area of quantum entanglement, quantum optics, vacuum polarization, and neurobiology research in conjunction with the 100 Year Starship Program funded by NASA/DARPA.

Jim is a lead data scientist & computer vision expert responsible for project management, scalable operations, and ML tool development at SFL Scientific. He currently leads several initiatives in state-of-the-art deep learning-based system creation for (a) satellite image analysis to identify temporal changes of structures reducing manual workloads by 10X, (b) automated real-time localization and segmentation of defects and features using commercial drones for electric and nuclear power organizations, and (c) development of thermal and RF detection systems using multi-modal analysis of image and sensor data using 3D image processing and DL architectures. These R&D initiatives are designed for in-field, real-time data collection and detection of anomalies, threats, and are applicable across defense and industrial landscapes. His responsibilities include orchestrating and overseeing associated engineering efforts, managing the technology workflow to systemize methods, and validation of algorithmic pipelines for production. Dr. Segala has extensive experience building and embedding novel computational models into validated enterprise workflows, with 20+ years’ experience in large-scale simulation, 15+ years in signal processing, and 10 years leveraging ML/DL techniques for high-throughput and variable environments.

Dr. Segala is also an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Salve Regina University and the University of Rhode Island since 2016. He is also Associate Faculty and a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Data Science at Post University since 2011. He has long-term established relationships with higher education, research, and commercial organizations across New England and supervises several defense and public sector award efforts.