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Ginger Christie

Technical Project Coordinator

about Ginger

Ginger Christie is a technical project coordinator at SFL Scientific. With a background in operations, product marketing, and project management, Ginger helps clients by facilitating project success and monitoring technical development between the engineering and data science teams. As a liaison to external stakeholders and supporting internal program managers, Ginger drives project success with effective and robust communication, as well as ensuring all SFL Scientific standards are met in a timely fashion. 

Before joining the SFL team, Ginger worked as a Product Specialist for Honda Motors. In this role Ginger specialized in breaking down technical knowledge for consumers, supporting customer retention, and improving brand awareness within a highly competitive market space. “The best part of my job is solving problems for a client, and making recommendations based on their needs! Together, we reach a conclusion that everyone is happy with.” Ginger also has prior experience working in corporate operations where she developed critical skills such as time-management, strategic communication, and data-driven decision making, molding her into an invaluable asset to the SFL Scientific team.