Gilles Adande


  • Computer Vision
  • Data Engineering
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Media & Telecommunications
  • Model Deployment
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals & BioTech
  • Predictive Analysis/Time-Series
  • Professional Services
  • Technology

Gilles Adandé, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Gilles Adande

about Gilles

Gilles Adandé, Ph.D., has years of experience applying his analytical acumen and problem-solving skills to a wide range of domains. Following his Ph.D. in Molecular Astrophysics for the University of Arizona and working as a postdoctoral researcher at N.A.S.A Goddard Space Flight Center, he joined the UK technology startup City Science to develop its first transport modeling products. He joined SFL Scientific in 2018 as a data scientist and machine learning practitioner, working with organizations such as ABIOMED, J&J, Vertex, FarmersEdge, and EPRI.

At SFL Scientific, he has worked on multiple aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence, from IoT biomedical signal classification to automated object detection in satellite images. His main area of expertise is deep learning-based methods for natural language processing, helping the world’s largest organizations develop document classification and topic extraction solutions and deploy multilingual search engines. As a data scientist and AI consultant, Gilles has responsibility for strategy, model development, architecture, code review, and quality control operations, embedded as a data science lead in advanced R&D groups performing pilots and hack-a-thons. His representative work includes developing and implementing a multilingual search engine based on transformers and backed by AWS, as well as a transformer-based text classifier for customer call transcripts; a precision agriculture pipeline to process satellite imagery from Planet Labs, extracting relevant image features and predicted crop yield; novel development and integration of a set of natural language processing algorithms for social and patient monitoring worldwide for a top 20 pharma, translating speech to text to assist in case management, triage, and adverse event pipelines; and helping a medical device manufacturer understand clinical performance across patients through streaming sensor data and real-time monitoring of vitals and complications for embedded cardiac devices. Gilles has a decade over experience with data mining, analysis, visualization, and algorithm development.