Diego Sosa-Coba


  • Natural Language Processing


  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Cleaning & Analysis
  • Time Series Modeling

Diego Sosa-Coba

Data Scientist

Diego Sosa-Coba

about Diego

Diego Sosa-Coba is a data scientist at SFL Scientific, working with the founding team for over five years and holding different AI consulting responsibilities. After graduating from Reed College with a degree in Mathematics and Economics, Diego transitioned to a full-time data scientist and was instrumental in helping drive client relationships as SFL Scientific expanded on the East Coast. He specializes in business analytics, natural language processing, computer vision, and production deployment of models and has worked with dozens of global brands and Fortune 100 organizations in both an advisory and technical capacity. Throughout his time at SFL Scientific, Diego has worked on varied projects including several machine learning-based consumer-facing systems, frontend applications, building topic modeling classifiers for records in enterprise databases, developing a pipeline for real-time sports score predictions for NFL and NBA games for CBS Interactive, and optimizing bidding strategies with deep learning techniques to match ads to publishers for a major advertising mediator. Prior to joining SFL Scientific, Diego worked as a statistician and data analyst to solve energy-efficiency problems locally and around the world.