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Daniel Ferrante, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer

Daniel Ferrante

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Daniel Ferrante, Ph.D., is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of SFL Scientific, designing and implementing data science and Data/AIOps strategies to help clients accelerate the adoption of digital and AI emerging technologies. Working with SFL Scientific’s enterprise clients across healthcare, defense, manufacturing, financial services, and other industries, he is responsible for developing applied and computational methods, analytical modeling of complex systems, and implementing state of the art R&D solutions to solve complex business challenges. His professional career has included developing novel deep learning frameworks at national laboratories, the implementation and oversight for high-performance computing infrastructure, and other distributed computing systems, from commission to security and system administration. Dr. Ferrante has worked with 15% of the S&P100 in development and technical efforts integrating AI and information technology from NVIDIA, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, NetApp, and other global IT and services organizations.

Dr. Ferrante works with organizations to determine what kinds of information the enterprise will choose to capture, retain, and exploit to produce the best business, revenue, and operational value and outcomes. Prior to founding SFL Scientific, Dr. Ferrante did his Ph.D. work in Theoretical Physics (High Energy Theory) at Brown University with Professor G. Guralnik (one of the co-discoverers of the Higgs boson). His research experience has included both, analytical and numerical components, ranging from topological Quantum Field Theories, Matrix Models, chaotic dynamical systems, multi-fractal systems, and the Geometric Langlands Duality, including designing new algorithms to address the “sign problem” in Lattice Field Theory. His later research focused on digital pathology and developing prototype computational systems to model the human brain as part of the White House BRAIN Initiative, SFARI, and NSF grants for the analysis of petabyte-scale whole-slide imaging datasets for neuroscience and medical applications.

Dr. Ferrante earned his B.S in Physics & Mathematics from the Universidade de São Paulo, his Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics from Brown University, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Brown and a Sloan-Swartz Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.