Dale Abbott PhD Data Scientist

Dale Abbott, PhD

Data Scientist

Dale Abbott PhD Data Scientist

about Dale

Dale Abbott, Ph.D., is a data scientist at SFL Scientific developing AI tools, services, and products across healthcare and life sciences. Part of the Data Science Consulting Group, Dale specializes in analyzing and building models to help make sense of large datasets resulting from sensors, health records, digital pathology, clinical informatics, and molecular assays. He combines domain knowledge with statistical and machine learning skills to build scalable models and solutions that help solve client’s complex and R&D challenges from initial strategy to production systems. 


Dale acquired years of data science experience while conducting high energy particle physics experiments with the ATLAS detector at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. While at CERN, his main contributions were to the search for rare Higgs Boson pair decays utilizing advanced data science techniques to look for trends in regions with sparse data. Dale collaborated with several multinational teams and has presented at international conferences in the US and Europe. With his love for machine learning, he specializes in neural networks, boosted decision trees, and code optimization. Dale earned his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.