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Camille Chicklis

Program Director

about Camille

Camille Chicklis is a program director with a background in mathematics and statistics. At SFL Scientific, Camille works in coordination with clients and the data science and engineering teams to execute AI solution development. She leads technical development and drives technical strategy, client experience, and translates business and technical objectives to ensure and focus on the actionable business implications of each agile cycle.

Camille comes from the healthcare industry, where she had been working as an analyst and team lead for eight years. Prior to joining SFL Scientific, Camille worked as a data scientist for a healthcare startup, creating statistical models, dashboards, and machine learning algorithms for hospital and physician group clients. As the sole data scientist, Camille designed the full analytics and architecture pipelines in Python and subsequently transitioned the entire code base to Spark’s distributed computing via Databricks. She also developed intuitive, clinician-focused visualizations in Microsoft PowerBI to support practice improvement. Camille’s analytics led the revenue-generating arm of the company and was the key driver in securing contracts with over 30 physician practices and hospitals, leading to a patent for data science in medical malpractice pricing.

She has also worked in hospitals to improve efficiency and quality through workflow and scheduling optimization. Camille has analyzed both healthcare claims data and electronic medical record data to create dashboards, track and improve practice performance, improve patient identification algorithms for earlier intervention, and recoup substantial unrealized billing opportunities. Through clinic redesign, Camille helped to reduce patient waiting times and other operational improvements to care quality and evidence-based medicine objectives. In the hematology/oncology department, she identified a new clinic and infusion schedule to reduce peak infusion chair utilization through constraint programming in Julia and also implemented more efficient clinic room assignments through Monte Carlo simulations. Camille received her MS in Operations Research from Northeastern University and her BA with honors in Mathematics and Religion from Williams College.