Bo Li SFL Scientific


  • Computer Vision
  • Data Engineering
  • Model Deployment
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analysis/Time-Series


  • Big Data
  • C/C++
  • Cloud Compute
  • Deep Learning
  • HPC/AI
  • NLP & BERT Models

Bo Li, PhD

Data Scientist

Bo Li SFL Scientific

about Bo

Bo Li, Ph.D., is a data scientist at SFL Scientific and has been focused on delivering customized AI solutions leveraging natural language processing, statistical modeling, and mathematical modeling. With a strong technical and analytics background, Bo’s responsibility comes across every component of a project, including exploratory data analysis, ETL, modeling, validation and scaling, and developing front-end systems. His work has been utilized by top twenty pharmaceutical and biotech firms and leading financial services organizations for anomaly detection and topic modeling of customer and patient calls, having developed petabyte-scale AWS pipelines for audio recognition and text classification with DeepSpeech and BERT-based models.

Bo earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he did a mathematical and numerical investigation in multi-phase granular flow, and Masters in Engineering from Tongji University. Prior to joining SFL Scientific, Bo was a post-doctoral researcher at NYU developing numerical verifications for liquefaction experiments using coupled continuum-discrete hydro-mechanic coupling techniques. An active Kaggler with expertise across data science disciplines and frameworks, Bo is proficient with deep learning, big data operations tools, distributed systems, and certified as an AWS developer and ML specialist.