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Benjamin Letson, PhD

Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences

Ben Letson

about Benjamin

Benjamin Letson, Ph.D., is a data scientist and the Director of AI Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences at SFL Scientific, working as a full-stack programmer and AI engineering consultant with innovative start-ups and S&P1000 organizations. He is an expert in helping healthcare and life sciences organizations develop novel tools and optimizing clinical and research operations, leveraging structured and unstructured patient data. Benjamin earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in Applied Mathematics with a focus on geometric phase space analysis tools for biological modeling. While in Pittsburgh, Benjamin won the Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Research Fellowship. His work has appeared in numerous dynamical systems publications with his thesis developing a novel approach for understanding the organizing geometric structures in dynamical systems, receiving the Thomas C. Hales Distinguished Research Award from the University of Pittsburgh.

At SFL Scientific, Benjamin has focused on clinical data science and developing new tools for assessing the health of clinical trials and automating data review. Benjamin specializes in topological data analysis, data embeddings, and outlier detection and is an expert in Python, SQL, TensorFlow, and Spark.