Alex Tolgygo


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Alexander Tolpygo

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Tolgygo

about Alexander

Alexander Tolpygo is the Chief Operating Officer at SFL Scientific. He is responsible for managing the company’s operations, including our strategy, legal, and talent supply chain across SFL’s network. Alexander leads the firm in its mission to deliver operational excellence in the data science and AI consulting industry through innovation, partnerships, product development, and anticipating the next generation of capabilities that clients will require to meet their business challenges. In his role, Alexander works across all industry channels to understand and develop digital and AI programs, identifying strategies to embrace market opportunities created by the evolving tech, social, and business landscapes.

Prior to this role, Alexander was affiliated and consulted for private, public, and government institutions such as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, The Henry M. Jackson Foundation, RIKEN, and the NIH, with successful commercialization efforts that led to venture exits. He has assembled experimental and computational teams and has secured and managed +$100M in private and grant investment. A biomedical engineer and statistician by training, his experience spans multiple industries including healthcare, biotech, pharma, medical devices, insurance, and manufacturing. He is passionate about the healthcare industry, personalized medicine, and modernizing inefficiencies at all stages of business. He is an expert in high-throughput digital pathology and whole-slide imaging, creating brain-wide connectivity projects and advising a broad spectrum of scientists, while developing frameworks and algorithms for image registration, cell detection, and segmentation. As an engineer, he strives to deliver faster, more efficient, and cost-effective development strategies during the life cycle of any engagement.