Abdul Bhatti Data Cloud Engineer


  • AWS
  • Data Engineering
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Model Deployment
  • SQL

Abdul Bhatti

Data Engineer

Abdul Bhatti Data Cloud Engineer

about Abdul

Abdul Bhatti is a data engineer at SFL Scientific working as a consultant to develop pipelines for on-premise, HPC, cloud, and AIOps applications and services. Abdul specializes in developing data and network architecture for machine learning, data analytics, and novel digital data applications across modern, serverless environments. Prior to SFL Scienific, Abdul was a senior service administrator at IMS Technology Services and a technical representative at Comcast Business, working with over eighty portfolio organizations on networking, IT, and architecture configurations. Abdul has over eight years experience working with developing networking solutions, IT services, application and communication support for enterprise organizations. He is a Amazon Certified SysOps Administrator, Solutions Architect, and Cloud Practitioner and holds certifications the AWS and Azure ecosystem.