Increase Forecasting and Supply Chain Efficiency with AI

Customers’ experiences and expectations are constantly rising. SFL Scientific helps the retailing industry exceed them through data science and AI.


In these uncertain times, it's becoming harder to understand and connect with customers. SFL Scientific works hand in hand with our clients to help revolutionize their organizations using Data Science solutions to improve the information and product flow around suppliers, stores, and customers; and scale their operations into new markets.

Our Custom Strategy

Computer Vision

Performance monitoring (predictive analysis, time-series, machine vision)

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Predictive Analysis/Time-Series

It's critical to develop a plan to integrate the model, not just make a predictive score

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Data Engineering

Designing data architecture and best practices for secure, efficient, and cost-effective data and IT systems.

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We Work with Top Retail Companies


How SFL Helps Retail Companies

Companies that are making extensive use of AI are reaping the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty while decreasing expenditures and improving operations which adds to their bottom line.

New Store Location Optimization

The goal of this initiative was to determine the optimal combination of new locations, existing locations, and potential partner locations to maximize the traffic and revenue of each location.

Machine Learning & Time-Series

Emotion Recognition using AI

The main objective centered around understand technically how to capture sentiment and emotions for digital consumer applications for video, text, and audio-based applications.

Machine Learning

Facial & Texture Recognition

The goal is to build a state-of-the-art machine learning pipeline as the engine for a “Style Advisor” application that generates realistic styles for current and potential hair growth in different regions, such as chin, cheek, and lip areas at a state of the art level.

Deep Learning & Computer Vision

Retail and CPG AI Trends

Retail and CPG  companies are using AI for a number of scenarios including assortment optimization, product recommendations, fraud detection, customer retention, and optimized marketing. Leverage your data to create new opportunities and advantages on your competitors.

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People Powered from Data Management to Custom Solutions and Deployment

Retail and CPG companies know it’s not a question of whether or not to deploy AI solutions, but a matter of when and where to start.

Our US-based team of data scientists, consultants, and engineers can guide you through the process of driving real business value with AI. We will work to understand your AI business cases, identifying unique areas of innovation that require further research with proof of concept through building models and deploying sustainable, performant AI business applications at scale.

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We’d like to work with you to understand your unique AI challenge from modernizing legacy platforms to developing new AI solutions. Technology moves fast, let’s build sustainable solutions.

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