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SFL Scientific is shaping the future of the Media and Telecommunications industry by helping the world's leading companies address their most significant challenges.
Media & Telecommunications


Media and Telecoms companies count on SFL Scientific for our expertise in digital, consumer experience, digital media supply chain, data architecture, marketing strategy, technology, operations, and more.

Our Custom Strategy

Natural Language Processing

Statistical models, data mining, database management

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Predictive Analysis/Time-Series

It's critical to develop a plan to integrate the model, not just make a predictive score

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Data Engineering

Designing data architecture and best practices for secure, efficient, and cost-effective data and IT systems.

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SFL Scientific Media and Telecomm AI Projects

Media and Telecomm rely on SFL Scientific to help create AI/ML solutions and products for an ever-changing, faced paced media and advertising industry. Learn how these solutions can help advance your company’s business goals.

Ad Conversion Modeling & Bidding Optimization

Develop a better bid optimization engine that automatically improves/lowers the cost of placing an ad, beating out the competitor's bids, while optimizing the likelihood of the user actually engaging with the ad by optimizing which ads are placed.

Time Series

Revenue Cycle Management Platform

Completely automate and modernize a revenue cycle management platform to facilitate provider-payer billing audits and provide population health reports directly from claims and procedure data.

Natural Language Processing

Hybrid Big Data & AI Platform Development

Engineered and implemented an end-to-end data science platform across R&D areas of the company. Developed cloud architecture, services, data lakes, compute provisioning, & containerized deployment.

Data Engineering & DevOps


Transformational AI Use Cases Media & Telecom

SFL Scientific looks to empower leading media and telecommunications companies to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry. Explore use cases you can apply to your own company.

Computer Vision & AI Tools

  • Video recommendation engines

Predictive Analytics

  • Personalization Recommendation Engine
  • Intelligent Ad placement
  • Bid optimization
  • Customer Churn
  • Multi-channel Attribution

Information Management

  • Information Extractions

Organization & Operations

  • Data Infrastructure
  • Compliance & Management Tools
  • Personnel and Resource Analytics
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People Powered from Data Management to Custom Solutions & Deployment

Financial institutions know it’s not a question of whether or not to deploy AI solutions, but a matter of when and where to start.

Our US-based team of data scientists, consultants, and engineers can guide you through the process of driving real business value with AI. We will work to understand your AI business cases, identifying unique areas of innovation that require further research with proof of concept through building models and deploying sustainable, performant AI business applications at scale.

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We’d like to work with you to understand your unique AI challenge from modernizing legacy platforms to developing new AI solutions. Technology moves fast, let’s build sustainable solutions.

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