AI and data science are improving automation and forecasting among other use cases helping the leading industrial and manufacturing companies cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.


State-of-the-art machine learning and AI provide immense opportunity for manufacturers. SFL Scientific has built custom solutions ranging from computer vision tools for quality control on production lines to predictive models for inventory management.

Our Custom Strategy

Computer Vision

Performance monitoring (predictive analytics, time-series, machine vision)

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Predictive Analysis/Time-Series

It's critical to develop a plan to integrate the model, not just make a predictive score

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Data Engineering

Designing data architecture and best practices for secure, efficient, and cost-effective data and IT systems.

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We Work with the Top Industrials Companies

Use Cases

AI Use Case for Industrials

SFL Scientific’s knowledge helping manufacturers leverage AI solutions such as Inventory prediction and inspection automation gives them a competitive advantage over established competitors while actually impacting the bottom line.

Predicting Sales & Inventory

The goal was to predict sales and sell-out events for mens’ and womens’ new products 12-months in advance using historical sales data and product metadata. Optimized supply chain informs multiple distributors, warehouses, and outlets who have varying needs for products and stock.

Inventory & Sales Machine Learning

Classification & Feature Automation

Develop a trainable deep learning feature identification system capable of detecting and localizing important security and combat-related features in 2D and 3D satellite & drone imagery.

Deep Learning / Computer Vision

Automated Thermal Detection

Develop a computer vision & deep learning based system to classify and predict thermal patterns in thermal vents of power stations from live drone video for inspection & monitoring.

Deep Learning / Computer Vision

Automation of Inspection with Deep Learning

Developed a deep learning-based pipeline to identify, localize, and segment 20+ defects within high-end wafers and dies. Autonomous system performs all QC in the clients manufacturing workflow.

Deep Learning / Computer Vision

Beverage Demand Forecasting

SFL Scientific worked with the organization to create a set of robust demand forecasting algorithms to predict case volumes with less than 1% error; raw data is ingested from Nielsen and historical shipment data across lines and displayed as an interactive dashboard within PowerBI.

Traditional Machine Learning

Call Center Optimization & Decision Support

Developed a keyword & topic modeling extraction pipeline to extract key trends of topic occurrence for case manager-patient phone calls.

Deep Learning / Natural Language

Use Cases

How SFL Helps Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

Data Science is empowering leading industrial and manufacturing companies to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry. These solutions can range use cases including predictive maintenance, predictive process design, supply chain optimization, and more.


  • Demand Forecasting
  • QC / Inspection
  • IoT & Sensor Automation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Failure Detection
  • Materials Analysis

Supply Chain

  • Intelligent Warehouse
  • Temporal & Fleet Analytics
  • Asset Tracking / Downtime
  • Automation/RPA
  • AI-Based Scanning


  • Call Center Analysis
  • Audio Extraction
  • Emotion Analysis
  • Decision Support
  • Compliance & QA
  • Topic Modeling

People Powered from Data Management to Custom Solutions and Deployment

Manufacturers know it’s not a question of whether or not to deploy AI solutions, but a matter of when and where to start.

Our US-based team of data scientists, consultants, and engineers can guide you through the process of driving real business value with AI. We will work to understand your AI business cases, identifying unique areas of innovation that require further research with proof of concept through building models and deploying sustainable, performant AI business applications at scale.

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