Developing AI-Based Diagnostic & Patient Solutions

SFL Scientific creates opportunities for healthcare and life science organizations to deliver on ground-breaking medicine, diagnostic support, patient monitoring, and operational outcomes.


Healthcare and life sciences organizations have increasingly moved towards AI and data science solutions as they strive to innovate and improve patient care in a fast-paced, competitive, and highly regulated environment. SFL Scientific leverages our team of Ph.D. and Data Science experts to help you build robust products based on strong clinical data.

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Top Healthcare and Life Sciences AI Solutions

Data Science and AI have the ability to transform healthcare and life science institutions and start-ups. Capitalize on the advances being made to solve problems and enhance current healthcare modalities that improve patient care while reducing overhead costs.

Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Tools

  • Deep Learning for Radiology/Pathology
  • Disease & Anomaly Detection
  • Simulation & Surgical Applications
  • Virtual & Consumer Applications

Patient Insights & NLP

  • Precision Medicine, Biomarkers
  • EMR & Records Mining
  • Segmentation & Risk Monitoring
  • Population Health & Journey

Medical Devices/IOT

  • Wearables & Remote Medicine
  • Event Triage & Monitoring
  • Predictive Health & Maintenance
  • Intelligent Diagnostic Systems

Organization Optimization

  • Fraud & Compliance
  • Supply Chain & Inventory
  • AI For Call Center / Triage
  • Claims & Document Management


Advancing R&D & AI Solutions

The value of data is realized only when stakeholders buy-in into the diverse set of technologies emerging at the provider, payer, and patient level. Enabling data-driven insights and practical AI opportunities for healthcare organizations to deliver ground-breaking medicine and patient care requires expert data scientists.

Patient Modeling & Forecasting

Developed a time-series forecast model to predict patient volume, average wait time, membership/drop-out cancellation rates, and operational load requirements.

Time Series / Predictive Analytics

Cancer Diagnosis from Blood Samples

Designed an AI capability to analyze data from MALDI and custom LC-MS/MS systems to determine whether patient samples tested positive for certain types of lung cancer.

Machine / Deep Learning

Forecasting Patient Survival with Device Data

Built pipeline to forecast patient survival likelihood based on vitals measurements and signals from implanted heart pump devices for surgical and clinical operations.

Deep Learning / Time Series

Predicting Multiple Sclerosis Transition with Machine Learning

Working with the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis, a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate research efforts to improve diagnosis and treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS), our goal was to develop a set of machine learning models to predict MS disease evolution and determine crucial transitions in MS progression.

Remote Medicine Using Audio Data

SFL Scientific developed a supervised learning algorithm from audio data to detect sleep apnea using features in audio data from mobile devices set next to the bedside at night.

The ability to couple large medical imaging datasets from our leading healthcare partners with the exceptional computational performance of the NVIDIA V100 GPUs and novel deep learning model development from SFL Scientific have been critical in building our portfolio of AI image classifier applications.

Jim Havelka, InformAI Founder & CEO

SFL Scientific exceeded our expectations in terms of time to results, collaboration, and data science expertise. Partnering with SFL increased our understanding of the potential for using AI with health data to provide people affected by MS and their healthcare providers with predictive information about the progression and transitions of the disease.

Robert McBurney, PhD, Chief Research Officer

People Powered from Data Management to Custom Solutions and Deployment

Healthcare and Life science companies and institutions know it’s not a question of whether or not to deploy AI solutions, but a matter of when and where to start.

Our US-based team of data scientists, consultants, and engineers can guide you through the process of driving real business value with AI. We will work to understand your AI business cases, identifying unique areas of innovation that require further research with proof of concept through building models and deploying sustainable, performant AI business applications at scale.

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Our Custom Strategy

Computer Vision

Performance monitoring (predictive analysis, time-series, machine vision)

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Natural Language Processing

Statistical models, data mining, database management

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Data Engineering

Designing data architecture and best practices for secure, efficient, and cost-effective data and IT systems.

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