Transforming Public Sector Applications with AI Solutions

Governments are increasingly embracing AI to improve processes and decision-making in key areas of government services. SFL Scientific builds AI solutions that the government can trust.


We work with leaders to serve citizens more effectively, increase operational efficiency, and develop intelligent tools to solve mission-critical objectives across defense, health, & government.

Our process of bringing world-class capabilities comes from experience through a comprehensive strategy process, R&D expertise, scientific rigor, and deep knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques to develop custom ML/AI solutions.


OptoAI UxV Payload: An AI-Based Data Fusion Platform

SFL Scientific developed OptoAI Detect for the rapid identification of chemical and visual threats is crucial in a variety of CONOPS and mission environments. Learn more about this military-ready rotary wing UAV equipped for fused visual, thermal, and chemical threat detection.

We Work with Top Public Sector Organizations

Our approach

Transforming the Public Sector with Custom AI Solutions

AI and data-driven predictions and recommendations are quickly transforming how nations defend themselves and governments plan programs to achieve new levels of responsiveness, readiness, and efficiency. SFL Scientific is helping government agencies meet those challenges through data strategy, machine learning algorithms, and AI deployments.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is marked by AI that optimizes its use of data features with experience. Our engineers and data scientists develop, test, and integrate proven machine learning algorithms to augment and accelerate the nation’s mission-critical systems and platforms.

Deep Learning

Deep learning can extend machine learning by generating sophisticated features to use for optimization. We train deep neural networks to model your complex systems, make predictions, and augment decisions — all with exceptional speed, security, and accuracy.

Human AI

No strangers to technological revolutions, we understand the concerns surrounding the use of autonomous AI in combat. We are building the foundations for seamless human-AI teams a standard in future operations, with systems that have humans in, on, or observing the loop.


We prototype, test, and deploy next-generation autonomous systems. By combining tailored interfaces with reinforcement learning, we accelerate course of action (CoA) development for persistent systems that operate intelligently while compensating for changes in conditions.

Natural Language Processing for Petabyte Scale Social Monitoring

Our work on this project is an active R&D effort focused on cutting edge NLP solutions leveraging BERT and custom language models to develop a question and answer system for threat detection and intelligence.

AI-Enabled Drone/UAV System

OptoAI is an embedded AI software technology stack coupled to custom and mission-specific drone hardware. The AI-powered algorithms are developed for multi-modal applications such as defect & anomaly detection, spectral analysis, and ISR applications based on key features.


Preventive Maintenance Optimization

SFL Scientific worked with a global diagnostics and analytical instruments corporation, operating in over 140 countries, to optimize preventative maintenance (PM) scheduling and reduce unplanned downtime of thousands of systems and device classes.

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SFL Scientific is a reliable partner who brings great minds to the hard problem sets, delivering on custom and state of the art Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Todd Borkey, Chief Technology Officer

SFL Scientific’s Mission

Why – To build the highest performing data science consulting firm. Artificial Intelligence has the power to solve some of the most challenging problems in our lifetime.

How – Engage leaders to leverage analytics & AI solutions. Working across departments & sectors, we enable organizations to utilize emerging technology.

Mission – Develop intelligent tools & services to solve these critical objectives. As scientists, we are motivated to identify complex objectives & build tools, deliver software, services, or new products to help meet them.

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