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SFL Scientific is helping the world's leading energy and utility institutions shape the future of the industry through innovative solutions with data science.


From oil and gas to electricity and renewable resources, SFL Scientific helps global utility and energy companies leverage cutting-edge machine learning techniques that provide predictive maintenance capabilities that help plan corrective actions and can optimize costs to computer vision inspections for quality control.

We Work with Top Energy & Utilities Companies

Automated Structure Damage through Visual Analysis

SFL Scientific leveraged drone-recorded images to build a machine learning (ML) algorithm that automatically detects concrete damage in utility plants. The aim of this ML algorithm was to automatically and accurately identify the location and type of damage found in the drone imagery.

Energy Usage Disaggregation

Working with a national energy company to achieve the goal of disaggregating overall household energy consumption data into constituent appliance energy requirements.


Creating Novel Machine Learning Solutions for the Energy and Utility Industry

The energy industry is undergoing a rapid transition driven by new energy types, changes to distribution models, and market shifts in supply and demand. Stay ahead by engaging AI to make your power/utility business more dynamic, resilient and sustainable.

Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Analyze both device component service calls and records while examining device utilization logs events to model optimal maintenance schedule thresholds relative to acceptable downtime, costs, and scheduling.

NLP / Time-Series

Synthetic Fault Detection

Fault detection from vibration measurements require a combination of manual inspection and rule-based algorithms. Machine Learning (ML) is a promising approach for automating the detection for these types of faults in a faster, more reliable, and less labor-intensive manner.


Piping Corrosion Wear Rates

Flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) wear rates are time-consuming and laborious, involving manual data inspections. The goal is to create a time series algorithm to predict FAC wear rates.


People Powered from Data Management to Custom Solutions and Deployment

Energy and Utility providers and companies know it’s not a question of whether or not to deploy AI solutions, but a matter of when and where to start.

Our US-based team of data scientists, consultants, and engineers can guide you through the process of driving real business value with AI. We will work to understand your AI business cases, identifying unique areas of innovation that require further research with proof of concept through building models and deploying sustainable, performant AI business applications at scale.

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Our Custom Strategy

Natural Language Processing

Developing NLP solutions that understand, extract, manipulate, generate, or respond to text and speech.

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Predictive Analysis / Time-Series

Solutions for analyzing temporal and signal data to forecast and predict business and operational events.

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Data Engineering

Designing data architecture and best practices for secure, efficient, and cost-effective data and IT systems.

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