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SFL Scientific AI Consulting Services About Us

We work with clients to solve complex business challenges by building machine learning products, tools, & services.


Develop AI tools & services to solve enterprise data science and operational challenges. Provide deployment-ready Ai solutions and transformation programs for leading organizations worldwide.


Founded in 2015, we’re a fully US-based consulting team with headquarters in Boston. Our multidisciplinary Ph.D. data scientists & engineers work across computer vision, natural language processing, & time-series analysis.


Trusted advisor and development partner to executives in over twenty industries, helping them understand and evaluate essential areas for investment. Helping clients develop and deploy AI solutions in healthcare, life sciences, defense, retail, financial services, and more.

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SFL Scientific at a Glance

SFL Scientific is a data science consulting company operating on the highest end of technology development. We specialize in data engineering, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and big data, continuously consolidating a pool of the very best data science and analytics talent for our clients.

From use case roadmap to managed services.

Our mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive data strategy, mining, and working with massive datasets and using AI & predictive analytics to uncover business value for our clients. We help develop and deploy custom platforms and tools that monitor, learn, and inform, sifting through petabytes of text, image, user, device, experimental, and sensor data.

Use Case Driven

We solve challenges and develop new revenue streams. We build digestible and actionable solutions, providing insights that help you better understand and serve your customers, treat patients, and enable your employees to do their jobs better through innovation.

Custom Engagements

SFL Scientific was formed to advance the data science and AI capabilities of organizations seeking best in class professional services. With the knowledge of the full AI lifecycle and DevOps, and our commitment to support future enhancements, we’re a trusted advisor and development partner to the S&P 500, helping clients understand and evaluate opportunities for future investment and optimization.

Let’s talk about how AI can improve your business.